Soup-er insight, electrifying creative

I heard a story that a marketer in a big soup company like Heinz or Campbell’s was trying to figure out how to boost sales during warmer times of the year.*

Everything had been tried, but nothing seemed to work. Until someone suggested they layer weather data over soup sales.

The data did the talking – sales spiked during changes in weather. Season didn’t matter. What mattered was the weather suddenly getting colder or wetter than it had been, summer or winter.

This completely changed how the brand marketed their soup – all it took was to think about people’s worlds, their experiences, their minds.

Sometimes key to getting people’s attention and nudging them in the right direction is to get them when they’re already thinking about (or most likely to think about) something you want them to.

Particularly if it involves products people really don’t spend brainpower on (soup) or ever want to (bills).

Explaining need state (and recency) marketing to an old friend last week, I went fishing in my memory for an ad campaign he might have seen by way of illustration.

I was surprised to have never copped that one Irish campaign’s creative (and strategic) idea is entirely and quite literally built on this marketing concept.

Sometimes, a creative idea can literally be an expression of the creative strategy can literally be an expression of the marketing strategy.**

*This story may be well-known, is definitely not unusual, and may be completely inaccurate.

**Ellipsis for deliberate effect.

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